TheLifeErotic: Adel Morel and Elena Max Erotic Punishment by Adel Morel


This TheLifeErotic gallery takes me deep in the middle of a forest, where two beauties by the names of Adel Morel and Elena Max have found a secluded location to have some fun in.

Both of them are wearing some sexy harness lingerie that wraps all around their inked up bodies. The sight of them together in such kinky clothes already has me feeling very excited and the gallery gets even kinkier once they pull out the rope.

Now Adel Morel can tie Elena Max to a tree while seductively rubbing against her body. I love all the ways they play with that rope and I think a kinky harness/bondage session in the forest is the right way to start any day. The full gallery is inviting everyone to take a look over on TheLifeErotic’s website.

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