AD4X: Charlotte San’s DP


Teamwork and camaraderie. The satisfying feeling of accomplishing something magnificent and having had backup while doing so. We see it all the time in multiplayer games, team-ups and buddy cop movies, and well, here’s a naughtier example of that by AD4X, as two friends celebrate and congratulate each other while they fulfill the noble quest of stuffing double Charlotte San’s holes at the same time.

They take out their cocks and she feasts on them, they choose a hole and she bends over to let them slide their rods right into her tight pussy. She rims, and they ram her pussy and keep on feeding her cock in a perfect example of teamwork as they take turns stuffing her until they are satisfied, and they can once again fist-bump in celebration with the knowledge that they are doing something epic, and they’ve given Charlotte San as much pleasure as they can, the kind of love that only a duo of hard cocks can give her.

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