BraisleeAdams’ Sheer Angelic Teases


Waking up to BraisleeAdams dancing with grace while wearing a white bodysuit veiled by a sheer garment is amazing. It’s like being woken up by an angel, but better, because this angel has a flair for the naughty.

She moves around the room. No, she glides, moving swiftly, and gives an up-close tour of her body, stopping in her boobs and her ass for a tasty eyeful of how those two sections look while covered, before the white bodysuit leaves the scene and only the sheer veil remains.

It is a hauntingly beautiful scene, and BraisleeAdams builds upon it by lifting her remaining clothes to show off her bare tits and pussy in the most alluring of combinations.

BraisleeAdams Writes:

~*~*~*~*Hula Hoop Extraordinaire*~*~*~*~

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