Zishy: Chaney Gunn Web of Love


Chaney Gunn is standing on top of a bed in the middle of a very interesting room as she shows off her gorgeous outfit and Zishy are here to capture all of her beauty in these shots.

I love the way the light shines through the window to illuminate her body. The shirt she is wearing is see-through and the light almost makes it disappear completely, before it actually drops to the ground. She looks so adorable when posing on top of the bed and there are even some Rick and Morty themed toys there to play with for extra cuteness.

All of that makes for one sensual, sexy and seductive package! Chaney Gunn’s full shoot has actually been divided into two separate galleries and a bonus video – all of which can be found by visiting Zishy.

Zishy writes:

College football, NFL, FIFA World Cup. I know most spectators are busy these days, and that is fine. If it makes people happy to wear ugly clothes, watch others accomplish athletic feats, and be the subject of constant advertisement, who am I to judge? I don’t get it, but whatevers. You guys do your shit. Just don’t get in my way when it comes to taking provocative photos of women like Chaney Gunn. Let everyone have their peccadillos. Chaney is about as amazing as they come. Stay entertained.

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