Sidechick: Yumi Sin and Josh Rivers Bedhead


The mirror knows more secrets than it tells, and Yumi Sin lets it watch her in her undies, horny and eager, before she starts unveiling her pierced nipples and cupping her lovely tits. It is a reflection of her naughtiness in her cozy bedroom, and the mirror is participating on the action too while she keeps an intense eye contact no matter what, even when she is on all fours on the bed and Josh Rivers pushes his hips forward, sliding his dick deep inside her.

Once her wish of getting stuffed is granted, this hot SideChick plays with it, letting it pound her while she leans on the mirror as if she were holding hands with her reflection as the cock thrusts in and out of her tender kitty, making her melt under the sensational feeling of being fucked, and inviting her to sneak a taste of yummy cock cream as a sweet treat that rewards her enthusiasm.

SideChick Writes:

When your girl wakes up horny, there is only one thing you can do…satisfy her morning craving for cock! Yumi could not resist the hot, naked Josh lying next to her. She rolled over and played with his morning wood, sucking it and getting it all ready for her wet pussy. Josh woke up and the morning fuckfest began!

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