MollySimons’ Slow And Sexy Hooping Celebration


It’s like fireworks have already started flying when I see that MollySimons is wearing the skimpiest of skimpy bikinis. It serves as both a treat and a reminder that today is Independence Day, and we get to celebrate it while admiring this lovely seductress playing in her room.

MollySimons dances with her hoop, but she does it slow and steady to let us capture her every graceful move, and because her interactive toy is vibing like crazy inside her pussy, so the rhythm of her hooping routine transforms and follows the beat not so much of the music, but of her delightful moaning.

It does get very erotic in seconds to watch her spinning that hoop and shaking her stuff while the most delicious of moans flood our senses, which is just the perfect way to commemorate this day, especially when she peels her panties off for a different kind of naughty display.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

MollySimons Writes:

Pure ecstasy

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