MollyMeowz Celebrates Christmas In July


This is a neat concept, and MollyMeowz plays with it spectacularly well. She’s got a tree up that’s ready for some trimmings, a series of merry stockings, and she’s wearing a lovely outfit that plays with transparency so we can look at her tits and check them twice, or as many times as we want.

MollyMeowz is decorating her wall too, but instead of using the cute stockings, she is adding some hand-crafted dicks that she cuts and decorates herself in the middle of a series of naughty activities that do seem like a delicious Christmas treat, as she dances, shakes her booty while showing off her red thong, and even teases with her top off so we too experience the warm and cozy feeling for Christmas coming early.

MollyMeowz Writes:

Your favorite slut

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