Zishy: Moon and Suzie Lemon Wedges


Moon and Suzie are teaming up to go on a little camping trip to a nearby river. Their yellow swimsuits look ready for a sunny adventure as the actual sun shines bright above their heads. Zishy are thankfully here to capture their adventure as part of two delightful galleries.

The cute pair soon make their way to the river and this is where the shoot becomes extra fun, because now they get to splash around in the water while taking their clothes off. These shots do a really great job of showing off how much fun both of them are having. I especially love the shot where they cover their naughty bits with leaves Adam and Eve style.

Moon and Suzie make a very sunny duo and their fun adventure can be seen over at Zishy, which even has a bonus video clip.

Zishy writes:

I brought these two friends to a ‘secret’ spot along the river. Moon had to twist Suzie’s arm a bit to join in on the fun. With a location like this, on a day like this, I can imagine how hard it was for Suzie to refuse. Perhaps free will truly is an illusion. Perhaps our lives are novels that we simply find ourselves in the middle of. Regardless of our choices and desires, the plot will unfold as written. We are not in control. More from this magical setting eventually. That is the plan, anyway.

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