FTVGirls: Scarlett Alexis Gothy Style


There is something really sexy about showing off curves and stripping it all during a public setting, and I’m really happy this FTVGirls photoshoot is doing just that with this Alexis gallery that has all the boxes ticked for a gorgeous set and the perfect tease all in one.

I do love the style she’s wearing, it’s a very small town girl meets first steps into gothhood, except with a twist and by that I mean, having no panties or bra whatsover underneath the clothes. I say this because a lot of the shots are really nicely done to create a fully-clothed look while others just have her walking aroud a store, outdoors or on top of a truck and showing off some gems in between.

FTVGirls always know how to do some fantastic work and this shoot is no different!

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