Welcome Bad Dragon as Exclusive Presenting Sponsor of 2023 AltStar Awards


We would like to welcome Bad Dragon as exclusive Presenting Sponsor of the 2023 AltStar Awards, aka the AltPorn Awards. The wonderfully depraved and creative artists over at Bad Dragon are famous for their unique and varied custom colored fantastical silicone toys. Their variety extends from dildos to strokers to packers to sheathes you can wear down there to accessorize that fursuit. Bad Dragon‘s swag is so much fun that it looks like Thunderdome at AltPorn HQ whenever a package comes in from them, as we wheel and deal for who gets a kaiju T-shirt or a bad dog plush or a mouse pad with dragon boobs. We are thrilled to have Bad Dragon returning as sponsors for this year’s event.

This year, the AltPorn Awards aka AltStar Awards will again be taking place live in person in spring. The event will be taking place in Las Vegas, with fun activities on June 17 and the Awards gala on June 18. Industry professionals may get in touch via the AltPorn.Net contact form for nominee info, VIP guest list, press passes, sponsorship info and how to receive those AltStar Awards gift bags. Everyone can check out photos from past AltStar Awards to see how much fun the event is and plan what to wear. Ticketing is open.

Thanks again to Bad Dragon!

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