That Time LucyLovesick’s Clamps Made Her Nipples Super Hard


While I was watching LucyLovesick doing her sexy thing, I suddenly came…to the realization that I’ve never tried nipple clamps, and it looks like it’s a lot of fun, judging by how cute she looks while wearing them, and because of a second thing that I will mention in a moment.

First, let me tell you all about the deliciously sexy bikini she’s wearing, and her long eyelashes that accentuate the beauty in her eyes, as well as the kiss of blush on her cheeks that makes them more adorable. She looks stunning, and since her titties are out for her clamps to play with, the view becomes even more titillating.

Now, for the little detail I want to share, and why I think clamps are a lot of fun:

When LucyLovesick takes them off after they’ve been tightly secured, her nipples are as hard as can be, so hard that they could cut diamonds, and that’s something one doesn’t see every day, making clamps, and I’m declaring it now, one of my new favorite sexy playthings.

LucyLovesick Writes:

Your manic princess dream girl.

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