FTVMILFs: Scarlett Sommers Lacy Sensuality


I’m finding delight in checking out Scarlett Sommer’s beautiful body art, and as I read the words tattooed on her side, I notice her gaze. She caught me ogling her, and she chooses to continue showing naughty things, those forbidden temptations fed right then and there through her beauty and seductive appeal.

Her lingerie begins moving out of the way, and her stockings and garter belt are the only things allowed to stay, playing with the arousal factor of seeing her naked while she isn’t bare completely. It is the best of both worlds, really, and her arms prop up her tits for enhanced juiciness as she looks for the best angle to display her attributes. It is mouthwatering, and definitely one of those amazing FTVMILFs parties that happy memories are made of.

There’s another surprise from her that comes soon, and she changes her costume for something less revealing, but equally tempting, and the change comes fast, and the new ensemble makes her look like a sexy cowgirl with the frilly boots she’s got on, which now makes for another fantasy created on the spot, as the mind wonders what this cowgirl will want to ride once she is done with her teases.

FTVMILFs Writes:

Hi everyone! My name is Scarlett Sommers, im 26 years old & I was born & raised in Dallas, Texas. I have a rescue kitty named Milo who has easily become one of my favorite creatures in the world. I love to travel & see new places with friends as much as possible. Someday I dream of going on a safari in Africa. Covid times really put a damper in that but its starting to look like we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! I love Mexican food, fast cars & fine dining. I’m very much an outdoors girl so to everyone’s surprise, I love camping/glamping along with all water sports. In my spare time, I really enjoy the simple things in life. Great company, good wine & intelligent conversations. Looking forward to the fun times ahead! Xo

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