MollyMeowz Enjoys A Soothing Bath Time With Duckies


MollyMeowz invites us to enjoy a peaceful bath show in her company tonight. She is already submerged in the calming water, which is tinted in a purple tone that makes it look like jelly, and she’s not alone. Swimming right next to her, accompanying her through this sexy stream, there’s a raft of yellow rubber duckies floating around her that add a splash of color and whimsy to the lustful scene.

Some duckies are even lucky enough to wade up her body when a gentle wave comes. I saw one earlier riding a particularly saucy ripple that took it up past her pussy in a gleeful swim that revealed the Lush toy she brought to play with during this relaxing bath time.

Can you count how many duckies are there, amidst MollyMeowz’s alluring soakings?

MollyMeowz Writes:

Your favorite slut

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