ElouisePlease, Those Are The Boobs We’re Looking For


It’s finally May 4, also known as Star Wars Day, and ElouisePlease is celebrating all the greatness of this beloved franchise by wearing a Slave Leia costume that accentuates two very distinctive points of her anatomy.

She lays on the floor with seduction in her heart, and when she comes back up, she lets her hands caress her while she shows us the scrumptious way her body looks in that outfit, quickly furthering the naughtiness of this exciting day by lifting her top and revealing her round and magnificent tits for us to feel the lust flowing through us.

May the force be with you.

ElouisePlease’s Profile:

Boob size = 30gg
Left handed
I love cooking and I’m a huge foodie
I have a peacock tattooed on my back
I have two dogs – a pug and a chihuhua
I live In Yorkshire, England
My favourite colour is purple
Top 3 films: Jurassic Park, Matrix, Pulp Fiction
I collect lingerie and bottles of bourbon whiskey
I love swimming and mountain biking
Perfect date = sushi and drinks
Currently playing Zelda on my nintendo switch
My favourite part about camming is talking to people and having fun
I love travelling and my favourite place I’ve been to so far is Japan
Every time I travel somewhere new, I try to find a local cookery class
I stream on MFC every day Monday – Friday
I’m very friendly, feel free to ask me questions and get to know me

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