The Steamy Games Of NovaSquid


NovaSquid takes off her shirt and her bra makes itself scarce soon after, leaving her supple tits to enjoy their newfound freedom while her hands discover their nakedness and begin caressing and squeezing them in a grand show of affection.

Naughtiness peeks around the corner, and her hands come across the soft and sheer feel of her panties against her skin and probe it with a finger, then more join in, gliding around the dotted area and indirectly bringing pleasure to her wet kitty hidden underneath.

The pleasures run high once her pussy unearths these sensations, and her hands call a friend, a magic wand that brings quakes of pleasure to this lustful collection. They are situated with care and strategy, and are so effectively delicious that NovaSquid soon decides to sweeten the pot even more and bring out her nipple clamps and a ball gag that are tied together by a chain, and as they unite, pain and pleasure mingling, her wand persists with its unabating vibing on her eager pussy.

NovaSquid Writes:

I’m Proof Aliens Exist

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