Seeking AltStar Awards Event Staff and Captain in Vegas


We are very excited to be looking at very cool Vegas venues for this June, getting to see you all in person again. In the time when lockdowns had everyone doing events in virtual, a lot of us moved around. So the AltPorn Awards aka the AltStar Awards, presented by Bad Dragon, has opportunities for event staff.

Event Staff – a variety of positions, including handling the guest list at the door, keeping the red carpet organized, checking journalists in and giving out press passes, collating swag into gift bags, handing out gift bags, and generally assisting the event captain. For these positions, while event experience is a plus, we are really just looking for positive and responsible people from the community, who know how to be polite interacting with stars, and would like to earn a few bucks helping with a really fun and fabulous event.

Event Captain – responsible for supervising all event staff and making sure everything is going well, from collating swag into gift bags, to ensuring trophies are properly set up and furniture and lighting is where it should be, to making sure signage is correctly hung, to ensuring the hosts have everything they need, to making sure there is someone to greet VIP guests and guide them to the red carpet, etc. For this position, we are looking for someone with event management experience. We would prefer someone who comes out of the alt scene. Must be comfortable interacting politely with famous people. Pays competitive rate.

Application Instructions: To apply, please use the AltPorn.Net contact form and tick the box for AltPorn Awards and put Event Staff as the subject and answer the following questions:

(1) What sorts of events have you worked or volunteered with in the past?
(2) What is your availability on June 17 and 18 (probable dates) and on the few days beforehand for setting up or collating items into gift bags? (some event staff may work only on one night and some multiple days)
(3) Do you have experience in customer service of any kind? (a plus, but not required)
(4) Name 2 alt sites or altmodels or alt performers or cool video brands or indie toy brands you like and very briefly state why.
(5) Anything else you’d like us to know?

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