BraisleeAdams Does A Hula Strip And Plays With Her Tats


BraisleeAdams is hosting one of those shows that is just so good it leaves an imprint on the mind that brings glee whenever the memory is accessed again and again. It kind of works like a tattoo, come to think of it, and it is an appropriate thing because of all the cool creative stuff she is doing during this sexy stream.

The main ongoing game has her letting her audience select temporary tattoos for her, which range from tiny to large, so all tastes can be accommodated, and it is a unique pleasure to watch her putting on those tattoos and giving off tips about how to maintain real ones, while her new temporary ink is ready to come out to greet us.

This experience also allows for a lot of alluring sights, as participants who play the game can choose where she’ll place the tattoo on her body, which of course opens the door to more exciting things like when she places a particular colorful design right on one of her butt cheeks.

Added to this (yes, the goodness is non-stop on this one) BraisleeAdams is also showing us a feat of great skill as she dances with her hoop, but instead of focusing on the routine alone, she also throws in a strip show where she takes off the tiny bikini she is wearing, and she does it in the middle of the dance, not stopping even for a second while her clothes come off, and then she keeps on spinning and making that hoop sing while completely in the nude.

See? I told you this one was extraordinary.

BraisleeAdams Writes:
~*~*~*~*Hula Hoop Extraordinaire*~*~*~*~

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