ElouisePlease’s Splendidly Erotic Combos Of Lust


There are so many sexy things happening in ElouisePlease’s room right now that it’s hard to choose one to discuss first, so I’ll just keep on watching her show and wait until she is done with her bare-ass squats before I make up my mind about what goodie I should talk about first.

ElouisePlease displays her tremendous boobs under her MFC jersey that is kind of see-though, just a little, enough for us to sample those huge knockers through it during this stream where she is not exactly naked, but that playful top is the only clothes she is wearing.

You know what that means? Exactly! She must be feeling a little chilly, which explains why she soon starts teasing us with those squats. She must be using them as a way to warm herself up; and it also serves as a suitable explanation as to why she is also throwing in a few more sexy teases where her pussy and fingers come together at last.

Even better, and so we don’t have to go on imagining the greatness of her tits, she takes her top off in her characteristic seductive style once her first countdown reaches zero. This is a very interesting development, because it serves as a bit of a warmup for us before all the naughtiness of ElouisePlease’s planned activites starts raining down upon us like a lustful caress.

ElouisePlease Writes:

Boob size = 30gg
Left handed
I love cooking and I’m a huge foodie
I have a peacock tattooed on my back
I have two dogs – a pug and a chihuhua
I live In Yorkshire, England
My favourite colour is purple
Top 3 films: Jurassic Park, Matrix, Pulp Fiction
I collect lingerie and bottles of bourbon whiskey
I love swimming and mountain biking
Perfect date = sushi and drinks
Currently playing Zelda on my nintendo switch
My favourite part about camming is talking to people and having fun
I love travelling and my favourite place I’ve been to so far is Japan
Every time I travel somewhere new, I try to find a local cookery class
I stream on MFC every day Monday – Friday
I’m very friendly, feel free to ask me questions and get to know me

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