AdultTime: Three Hungry Goddesses Get Their Holes Stuffed


How do you call it when there’s one guy and three girls on a sex scene? A foursome? A great time, that’s what’s called, like when a man and three hot girls get to play with their bodies. Sucking, licking and pounding. It all comes nicely, happy, and it all begins forming the HarmonyInked fantasy.

Brittany Bardot, Alexxa Vice and Alice Judge have on lingerie, and talk about big boobs, their big boobs, and it’s marvelous to see them, to try to absorb it all, to scan each sexy body as they look like gold, and they talk about their tits, and Brittany Bardot tries on a garter belt. Then Pascal White comes in with seduction on his plate. He gives cock, gets sucked and he fucks their asses. Fucks them good, fucks them hard, and he lets them taste their friends’ assholes and gets their spit as lube before he dives deep, once more, inside those holes stretched by his cock.

Then Alexxa Vice puts on a strap-on and comes to help him, like a tag team done in wrestling, so there’s no hole unfucked by a cock at one time, real or plastic, and the bouncing and pouncing get these hotties closer to a climax, and they get to that point of AdultTime bliss and lust grown fonder.

The three eager girls keep still then, all three ladies, like statues of a goddess, and they open their mouths like birds waiting to be fed, and they do get it, his nice load of nut butter for their pleasure, and they get to Alice Judge, the one who got it most, and they grace her with their tongues, trying to sneak a taste of that warm seed their tummies and tongues crave for.

This is what a sexual moment is about, and their all-participating excitement and big tit glory just makes it beyond swell, and it all ends well, with big tits, cum, happy asses and a drained cock, with the three ladies kissing and playing with each other. It’s a scene that’s like no other.

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