FTVGirls: Dylann Rooftop Spreading


A rooftop on its own might not be the most interesting thing in the world, but it immediately becomes eye-catching the moment Dylann decides to strip down on top of one. That’s exactly what I see in this sunny FTVGirls gallery.

Sunlight bounces off her naked body as the cutie spreads her beauty across a soft looking couch. Her rooftop adventure leads her into a jacuzzi and I’m just glad I get to see it! She may not have a rubber ducky to play with, but she has a much more naughty and interesting toy for some splashy fun – a big pink dildo.

This is one rooftop I just can’t take my eyes off of and it’s thanks to how sexy Dylann looks. The full gallery contains many more enticing shots and can be seen by visiting FTVGirls.

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