Metart: Bella Milano Copper Shine


Young and beautiful, Bella Milano shows off her smooth skin like an inviting proposition for temptation, for lust, and she lets out the seductress in her. Her hands spread her ass cheeks, and she gives us not a peek but a good look at her ass, at her pussy, and how soft and pretty it looks from behind.

It is a treat, a MetArt fantasy to unravel, and she discards all her clothes in a sensual strip tease. The lace of her top vanquished, and even the black stockings, so her skin can feel the caress of the fluffy blanket she lays on, making love with her eyes, enjoying the attention in a feast of temptation, a drink of allure, and a sweet up-close shot of her soft, tender pink pussy, like a dream under the stars, a delicious fantasy that grows more erotic with every turn of the page.

MetArt Writes:

By Matiss

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