TheLifeErotic: Lola T Candle Power 1 by Higinio Domingo


Candles are a great way to create a sensual atmosphere and that’s exactly how this TheLifeErotic gallery gets started when Lola T climbs into a bath tub while holding a candle.

The beauty is soon on her knees, surrounded by even more candles while wearing a very kinky looking leather bikini. I love the way the spiky choker wraps around her neck! Things get even kinkier when she grabs one of those candles and lets it melt all over herself.

It’s incredible to see how hot and sexy Lola T looks while colorful candle wax pours on her naked body. There’s not a hint of pain anywhere to be found, only kinky pleasures. To see even more naughty shots of the beauty playing with her candle, I recommend checking out the full gallery over at TheLifeErotic.

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