ErroticaArchives: Reddy with Micca by Arturo


Sometimes a pair of stockings is all that’s needed to make me feel very excited. Especially when those stockings are the only thing being worn by the gorgeous Micca!

Yes, that’s the very first shot that welcomes me into this ErroticaArchives gallery and everything that follows is just as sexy. The stockings are black and have some cute red ribbons attached to them as the beauty strikes some stunning poses on top of a table. The perfect way to serve up some hotness while looking like a feast for the senses! I especially adore the way the camera goes high above her body as she playfully looks back at it.

Erotic, sensual and unbelievably sexy are just some of the ways I could describe seeing Micca in these images. All of which can be checked out over at ErroticaArchives.

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