Cloud 9 Health & Wellness Collection


We got a fun new toy in to check out, from the creative people over at Cloud 9 Novelties, called the Pro Sensual Air Touch VI G Spot Come Hither Motion Rabbit Dual Function Clitoral Suction Teal (now that is a mouth-full, but probably not where you want to use it.) I like it’s sleek look, accentuated by a whimsical horn like sucker on the rabbit portion. It has an almost Yellow Submarine Dr. Seussian profile. From a functionality perspective, it is a sort of rabbit take on combining internal G-spot stimulation with a clitoral suction device and features twelve different vibration options. This is just one of the colorful and useful items in the Cloud 9 Health and Wellness Collection. Their offerings range from dilators and anal starter kits with exceptionally beautiful designs to high tech enema and douche kits to very high tech massagers, with all sorts of different functional modalities, for quite the variety of body parts.

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