ThisYearsModel: Meet Bretta


The stunning Bretta is wistfully looking out of a window as this ThisYearsModel gallery becomes a window into her naughty world.

A window, some curtains and a sofa make up the scenery of the shoot while her body shines as the main attraction of each erotic image. Her clothes have disappeared complete, which means the sunlight coming through that window can bounce off her body while showcasing her piercings and tattoos – all of which look beautiful. I especially love the way she lies down on top of that couch while looking directly into the camera with those irresistible eyes.

I’m not sure what Bretta is seeing out of that window, but I do know I can’t stop staring at how gorgeous her own body looks. There are lots more shots that show her off and they can all be found on ThisYearsModel’s website.

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