TheBlackAlley: Mayrita’s Reflections Of Desire


TheBlackAlley explores something I am completely powerless to resist on this awesome set: a gorgeous woman wearing a sexy maid costume. However, this is where it gets interesting, because it is not only the costume what makes it great, but how the gorgeous Mayrita wears it.

Mayrita presents the sexiest elements of the costume, not shying away from showing more skin than what the costume intends to show, and she uses this momentum to her advantage, realizing that the only thing that could make this set better is if there were two of her, which is something she creatively manages to make a reality.

She uses the mirror behind her, and she poses with her own reflection, but it feels more like Mayrita is interacting with a lover than with herself, as she lets the mirror display more of what she wants us to see, from her breasts to her ass and her lovely shaved pussy, which looks so smooth and ready that it makes my mouth water, all while she keeps enhancing the erotic motif she’s got going on with a stare that’s charged with glamour and desire, which in an incredible feat, also mirrors my own when I gaze upon her beauty.

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