Zishy: The Perfect Date With Cutie Marcela Gaona


Love is an unstoppable force that makes us feel like flying whenever we see our significant other, and this Zishy gallery captures this concept in a perfect way.

Seeing Marcela Gaona having fun in this urban setting brings the sensation of going out on a date with someone we fell for at first sight. We’re in the car with her, and we can’t stop looking at her lips, her body, her tattoos, imagining how it would feel like to get closer, but leaving the road as an afterthought, something for our subconscious mind to worry about.

The best part is that this cutie seems to know about our infatuation as well, and as the day progresses, we switch venues, and she continues playing with her clothes and giving us a peek at her sexy body in these public places we’re accompanying her to, something starts to happen: there are lots of landmarks and interesting things to look at, but our attention keeps gravitating towards Marcela Gaona, almost as if everyone else, and our surroundings themselves, suddenly ceased to exist as she keeps fueling that sweet fantasy of us being out with a naughty girlfriend that just can’t stop teasing us.

Zishy: The Perfect Date With Cutie Marcela Gaona

Zishy: The Perfect Date With Cutie Marcela Gaona

Zishy Writes:

Marcela Gaona took me to the Motherland Monument in Ukraine. It truly is a beautiful country. I can see why so many are willing to fight over it. Even though it is not your typical tourist hotspot, Ukraine is rich in culture, great food, and natural resources. Most of its citizens seem kind and friendly, just like Marcela. Hopefully after this conflict passes, there will remain a pleasant destination for asshole foreigners to visit. War sucks.

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