Bar Sinister 24 Anniversary Party Photos by Brick Schmidt


Happy birthday, Bar Sinister. Our readers are likely familiar with Bar Sin as the venue for the AltPorn Awards aka AltStar Awards these past years and we are excited to send our best wishes to them on their twenty-fourth anniversary. The event opened with a red carpet sponsored by Bad Dragon and AltStar Magazine. The event featured performances by Nostalghia and Nyxx on the band stage and DJs included Tommy, Pyrce, Jpeg, and Rocky. Over 500 gift bags were handed out, including a collectible Sinister T-shirt, magazines, and more surprises. You can keep up with events at Bar Sinister on their Instagram. Feel welcome to re-post the images from our pic galleries of the event. Everyone would appreciate it if you could please remember to tag Bar Sinister, the photographer, and the AltStar Instagram.

These images were shot by popular event photographer Brick Schmidt. You can follow him on Instagram and his Robert Smith Photography web site.

You can find three galleries and over a thousand pics from the BarSin anniversary celebration at these links:

Photography by Brick Schmidt

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