Belen_O’s Glowing Hula Hoop Show


Belen_O is hanging around her room and it looks like there’s a special guest there to keep her company: her adorable doggo!

The two spend some time cuddling, before it comes time to do a very eye-catching show. She grabs her hula hoop for that. It might just look white at first, but with just one click of a button the whole hoop lights up and starts glowing a very devilish shade of red. Now it looks even more amazing when the beauty starts spinning that hoop around her waist.

I’m very impressed by Belen_O’s ability to control the hoop. It almost looks like a lightsaber wrapped around her body! There are plenty more toys in her room to be played with, so the fun is only beginning.

Belen_O's Glowing Hula Hoop Show

Belen_O's Glowing Hula Hoop Show

Belen_O's Glowing Hula Hoop Show

Belen_O writes:

Hello Kittens!
Welcome to my profile and thank you for taking the time to read this <3
My name is Belen, I am 28 years old and from Australia. I hope you enjoy me and stick around to get to know me.
I try to create real connections with people who come into my room, and consider you all my friends.
If you're looking for a space with no judgements, many giggles and only fun times… WELCOME TO MY ROOM!

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