SaliceSawyer’s Playfully 80s Show


SaliceSawyer is picking out the perfect Depeche Mode songs to play in the background right now. Not only do they go along nicely with that 80s themed shirt, but they will also make a great soundtrack for an upcoming toy tease.

Before that, she still has some pussy spanks to do and I love how much they make her smile as she playfully smacks herself. Soon there are two toys ready to unite for one very playful tease. One of them is a vibrator and the other a very colorful looking dildo. Together they make the perfect team!

SaliceSawyer’s toy tease is turning out to be a very pleasureful one and I think round 2 is right around the corner if she can clear her next goal.




SaliceSawyer writes:

I’m Salice Sawyer. A solo cam artist, very DIY. Manic Panic hair dye and anarchy. I make sad girl porn and talk to insects. Vegan Virgo.

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