Sex Toys Unboxing: The Wandering Bard Medusa


Do you like dildos? Do you like Dungeons and Dragons? I have the perfect sex toy company for you! The Wandering Bard Toys, based in Fremont California, supplies you with the best fantasy toys around. The Bards are inspired by role-playing games and dreams of horny monsters. Shake away the shame and stigma around having fun with sex and experiencing your fantasies when you shop with The Wandering Bard.

The basilisk, mimic, dragon and dire wolf models are all to die for. I got Medusa in size Medium and medium firm for just a bit of squish while also remaining flexible. This Medusa is a marbled combination of both hot pink and fire orange and is 7.25 inches tall from base to tip. There’s also very purple mica pigments throughout giving it a gorgeous shimmer. It also has a very strong glow in the dark effect which makes it look even more beautiful in the dark.

It has beautiful details and textures to it in the form of scales and ridges. It’s bulbous tapered head is squishy and the base on Medusa is great because I can get a good grip. This wriggly beauty has just enough texture but not too much. It’s adventurous girth remains subtle and enjoyable. Medusa is a very unique fantasy model designed for the more adventurous. The underside of the toy has contrasting ridges too so you can get a different pleasure experience.

Included in my order I got an exclusive Wandering Bard toy storage bag. They also included a Wandering Bard sticker as well as a care card. The Medusa by The Wandering Bard Toys is a beautiful and functional work of art. There’s new models, colors, and sizes to love on their site so go stop by! The Bards are waiting to give you a unique customer experience.

Unboxing Medusa by The Wandering Bard Toys
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