TheLifeErotic: Nessie Sperm Donor 1 by John Chalk


Red. Quite a lot of red. And then some more red on top. And then there’s a lot of cum to be added. There’s always a theme when it comes to TheLifeErotic and that theme always involves a little bit of extra naughtiness – which in this case is a sperm pump and fiery hottie Nessie using it.

One thing I really appreciate about these photoshoots is just how much color plays a role with them. That’s why seeing the amount of stark red on her body as she slowly untangles and unravels more of the clothes and takes on more of the cum is really stunning to see – as are the close-up shots of the hot action.

TheLifeErotic always knows how to deliver a quality photoshoot and this one with Nessie is just that!

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