Sex Toys Unboxing: Phreak Toys Brutus and Dovah


There’s a fantastic sex toy company that resides in a secret location in North Yorkshire and you can join them at phreak dot club. This company was founded by Alex, an engineer graduate with a job and product development. Alex’s love of sci-fi and fantasy led him to create these beautiful toys after years of experimenting with role-playing and sexual fantasies.

The model Brutus from Phreak is a formidable opponent. It has a good sturdy grip, stands all on its own, and it’s curvature is perfect for P and G spot stimulation. There’s also soft ridges along the head that tapers down to a more girthy smooth shaft. This allows you a contrast in textures before you reach the base. This is a minotaur based model being half man and half bull. Will you grab the bull by the horns?

Dovah (Alt Porn 2021 Fan Winner) is quite the opposite from Brutus on the texture scale. It’s a texture lover’s dream. Dovah is an intense lover from start to finish beginning at the tapered and prickly head, it’s very soft and squishy upon entry. It has a ridged shaft while having a veiny and very detailed lower half and, then bam, you reach the beautiful squishy knots. The texture is very styled and detailed. Dovah stands tall, loud, and proud and is anal safe and harness compatible. This showpiece sex toy has been sharply angled for your pleasure and has been meticulously detailed.

Phreak Toys was born during times where most sex toy shops offered poor product quality and control. They are here to bring you body safe masterpieces. This now international toy company ships worldwide and they offer various shaped and sized models along with an array of custom options! Packages are shipped and billed discreetly. Your privacy comes first. Shop now to receive extras in your order like candies, minis, and care cards courtesy of the fantastic folks at Phreak Toys.

Phreak Toys Unboxing Brutus and Dovah ♡ ♡

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