Sex Toys Unboxing: Crystal Delights Sparkle Plugs


Crystal Delights started in 2008 as a way for Second Life users to purchase in game products. In 2010 the first physical real world Crystal Delights plug was sent out into the universe. Since then they have new offerings such as the colors against cancer plugs, the star delight dildos, and the ever popular tail plugs.

The team at Crystal Delights are dedicated to giving back in a variety of ways including charitable donations made towards sex education, animal charities, the lgbtq community and our environment. On their website you can find plenty of options to choose from including their glass plugs, twist glass dildos, dialators, and accessories (lube, storage bags).

The sparkle plug series is their standard small bulb butt plug. It is glass tubing filled with little crystals. The hqnd made sparkle plug is available in an array of colors. You choose the fill color on the inside and the gem on the top. These glass plugs are body safe, unique, and functional works of art. The tapered stem has been made specifically for your comfort making it great to use for long periods of time.

The magnetic sparkle plug is another small, short stemmed glass plug. This insanely beautiful glass plug is available with a magnet on the top so that you can add and change accessories. Try out their bunny tails or plug charms! The magnetic sparkle plug is also available in an array of colors. These toys are anal safe and easily retrieved. Also compatible qith both water and silicone based lubricants!

18+ I’m unboxing some plugs and accessories from

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