Cosmid: Dylan’s Gym Time Featuring Dylan Voxe


This Cosmid gallery starts off with Dylan Voxe aka (Skylar Vox) being surrounded by various gym equipment as she looks ready for a workout in her red hot gym outfit.

I feel a bit hot and flustered right now and it’s not because I have done any workout, it’s because these shots look so incredibly hot. She is alone in her environment, free to pose next to all this training equipment while seductively stripping out of her outfit to go completely naked.

There are a few shots near the end of this Cosmid gallery where a naked Dylan Voxe hangs down from some bars with the strength of her own arms. Not only is it an impressive way to show off how strong she is, but it’s also really sexy because she is doing it fully nude. I think I might just incorporate looking at these shots as part of my own workout routine to give me even more motivation.

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