Sex Toys Unboxing: Hankey’s Toys Venemous Tongue and Davy’s Tendrils


Let me introduce you to a couple of amazing products from Hankey’s Toys. When it comes to making dildos, the love of their work shows through in the details. Even their customer service is second to none. Hankey’s Toys specializes in fantasy style toys and realistic toys. If you’re into something extraterrestrial or that plumber that came to fix your pipes then check out

We have here, in extra small and medium firm, Venom’s Tongue. This product is a depth toy. It’s long and thin at the tip, getting thicker towards the base. It’s very detailed and looks just like a tongue with the taste buds on top and veins on the bottom. You can pick out different colors when ordering so I chose my toy in black. It’s base is harness safe and anal compatible, and has a delightful bit of squish and give.

Next up we have Davy’s Tendrils, a new addition to their extra small line of toys. If you know Hankey’s, they have a reputation for having girthy and large products. The extra small line allows newbies a chance to try these dildos. Mine is medium firm and I chose purple as my color. Davy’s Tendrils is another tapered toy. It’s a sculpt of several intertwined tentacles with suction cups, making this a fun textured toy.

These are just two examples of some very innovative fantasy models brought to you by Hankey’s Toys. Their creative team has hand sculpted the original designs and then poured each toy (to order.) Check out all their different options so that you can get the right colors, fit, and size just for you. They put so much time and effort into making sure that they look and feel great, and that you are one happy customer!

Unboxing the amazing Venomous Tongue and Davy’s Tendrils toys from Hankey’s

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