Zishy: Helga Amor As Dawn E. Darko


A portrait of deep reflection comes to us from the great Helga Amor on this Zishy gallery, and I happen to enjoy this one a lot for many reasons. It could be that she is wearing a very fine fishnet outfit that leaves her chest mostly bare for us to see her titties, and it could also be that her sensuality and the setting she’s posing in speak to me in a deeper level too.

Having her expression be mostly unchanged throughout the set, it makes me think about all the emotions that can exist within the sensual and sexual spectra. It is not all black and white, smiles and cries. There are lots of emotional areas in between to play with. Pleasure can bring relief, joy, or a deep sorrow. Think about the last time someone makes love to someone they deeply care for, for example.

It is this level of depth that comes at me with this set, and I love it for it, because it invites these moments of reflection, but it also treats us to how gorgeous Helga Amor looks in her all-black outfit, posing in different settings that range from the warmth of a dining room, to the brightly lit outdoors, all contrasting very well together in a warm display of closeness.

There is one moment, however, that to me is the icing on the cake for the reverie this set puts me in, and that’s a picture where she is standing engulfed by shadows. Her face and body are showing amid the few rays of light, and it makes me think about how, no matter how dark the corners of our mind can seem sometimes, there’s always some light shining on them, and that light can be something liberating. It can illuminate our path, our minds, and show us that there’s someone as beautiful as Helga Amor hidden in that darkness, waiting for us to discover the wonderful view, if only we are brave enough to fight through that initial veil of shadows and let ourselves be captivated by the light, now with nothing to fear, free to take the neutrality of the moment in whatever direction we choose.

Zishy Writes:

Helga Amor returns with contributor Max. I think she is smoking hot and it wouldn’t hurt to see her smile more. Then again, maybe shit isn’t going well for her. Maybe she is worried about a global pandemic, climate change, the constant threat of nuclear annihilation, the rise of child suicide, the growing impoverished population, the incompetence from all forms of leadership, the death of intellect and hard work, the rise of terrorism (foreign and domestic), the widespread sense of mental illness plaguing society. But also, Helga might just think it looks goofy to show too much emotion. Who knows?

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