Sex Toys Unboxing: Zlotech Diablo and Wicked


Zlotek is run by a Dutch couple from the Netherlands. They were looking to spice up their life and went all in, quit their jobs, and began making creative dildos. Their products are made with one hundred percent vegan platinum cured silicone with body safe pigmented colors and glitter. Zlotek offers an array of different models that you can choose from. Nobody wants a boring old flesh colored phallic toy anymore. Why do that when you can play with your imagination and make your fantasies come true?

Their product “The Grinder” is a non-penetrable toy used for vulva stimulation. You can also use it in your palm as a masturbation aid. It’s covered in little flexible nubs for added stimulation. The lovely Grinder toy includes fabric straps that allow you to attach it around a pillow or your partner. Strap it on and take it for a ride! You can rub one out with this amazing product from Zlotek.

Wicked (size small) is nineteen and a half centimeters from tip to base. I received their galaxy coloration. It’s an amazing swirl of deep reds and dark blues that’s been balanced with beautiful gold mica flecks. The galaxy pattern makes it look like a starry night making wicked a beautiful bedtime companion. Wicked can stand on it’s own with a wide flared base. It’s medium firm creating a very comfortable sensation during insertion. Medium firm bends and wiggles while still remaining nice and rigid. Zlotek also offers a built in suction cup base.

Then there’s Diablo. A spicy little devil that’s dastardly. Also medium firm. Diablo features prominent balls that have been nicely sculpted. It’s a symmetrical piece with a slight knotted buldge down the shaft. There’s also ridges for added stimulation as well as six little points around the top of the head, proclaiming it as a badass toy that you need to add to your collection. Diablo is twenty two and a half centimeters from tip to base and is a force to be reckoned with.

Adult Novelties! Watch me unbox 3 amazing products from Zlotech, a Dutch couple of makers! Products include their models Diablo, Wicked, and their non penetrative toy Grinder.

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