2022 AltPorn Awards Nominations Closed


Bad Dragon Fantasy Toys

AltPorn.net is very happy to announce that, honoring excellence in alternative erotica, we have taken thousands of nomination suggestions for our Best of 2021 AltPorn Awards, presented by Bad Dragon! Official Nominee Picks will be announced for fan voting very soon.

Mark your calendars for June 11 because we are going to be in-person again for our fabulous annual star-studded blowout celebration in Hollywood, California!

It feels amazing that AltPorn.net has been covering all things AltPorn for coming up on two decades now and we always enjoy the time of year when we can expand on the recognition and appreciation that all of our creative alternative erotica friends and crushes deserve. As we do every year, we’re taking nominations for all the categories from the fans, models, and producers, as well as our own editorial board of judges.

So, if you know of any work produced in 2021 that really deserves attention for being outstanding, just hit up our nominations form below. Categories are listed there. We introduced some new ones a couple years ago, especially for indie-produced clips. If, as the world changes, and alt drives the future, you can think of categories we should add, please suggest them! If you only want to nominate in one category, that is fine. If you want to share your opinion on all of them, that works too. Our panel of judges will gather the qualified suggestions in each category. You can just put a name in and press Continue, but it is helpful if you let us know why you suggested your noms. You are welcome to ask your friends and fans and collaborators to nominate you, but it is a plus if they mention why you are awesome and links to the work always help too. Shares on Twitter of who you nominated will also be considered.

Deadline for nominations was 11:59PM midnight CST, Thursday, March 31st. Remember, the prenominations were for work that was released in 2021. You can peek at past years’ coverage and nominees for ideas.

Please use our contact form to inquire about sponsorships and press passes. We will post when VIP guest list and ticketing opens. For now, we can’t wait to see who you nominate and we are so looking forward to seeing you all in-person, in the flesh, again!

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