FunKit: Lets Play Some Random Encounter Sex Dice


Since time immemorial, sex dice have been the quintessentially awful adult novelty item, so full of promise and yet always a disappointment. People naturally like a little bit of gamified creative guidance when it comes to exploring their sexuality and having a tool to escape some of the vulnerable responsibility of offbeat suggestions is clearly appealing. But, in execution, we inevitably roll rub nipples with kneecaps and the mood is lost. That’s where the innovative folks over at Fuckit, er, Funkit Toys are here to finally save the day! Apparently the solution needed all along was that Sex Dice just had to be even dorkier. Ok, I make fun, but in reality, some excellent thought went into using the expanded potential themes and activities that your classic Dungeons & Dragons polyhedral Random Encounter dice offer, through their unique identifiable shapes and massive results combination potential. I also really like that FunKit made all the activities and descriptions gender neutral for that modern touch. The dice kits are being offered in a successful looking IndieGoGo campaign and are currently at 126% funded with 14 days still left, so it’s a safe project to support. There are plenty of affordable support levels and lots of different size packages available. I particularly like the big black cock shaped dice tower! We’ve enjoyed the creative and practical sensibility Funkit Toys has had for years and it’s great to see their innovative work in the area of positive sexuality growing in fun new ways. We’re looking forward to getting our paws on these.

Here are the actual descriptions of the dice:

D4: The big four of any sexy encounter. Mouth, Hands, Bits, Butt. The basic die. Roll it twice for a 1 in 16 chance of just giving your partner or partners a high five. JUST KIDDING, I’ve thought of ways to make a double hand roll sexy too.

D6: Mouth verbs. Can’t decide what to do with your mouth? Give it a toss.

D8: So now that your mouth is busy, what are you doing with your grabby parts?

D10A: Location, location, location. Where are you doing all this mouthing and handsing?

D10B: Intensity, from 1-10. Yep, it’s a ten sided die with numbers on it. Innovative!

D12: Mood. Silly or serious, gentle or rough, this is the die you roll if you want to switch up the tone.

D20: Body parts! You can roll this with the mouth or hand die or on its own to find a place to give a little extra attention, and none of the sides specifies an elbow to lick. (You can lick an elbow on the arms roll if you’re into that, We Do Not Kinkshame In This House.)

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