Babyzelda’s Boobylicious JOI As Eevee


Pikachu has always been the main star of the Pokemon franchise and I’m glad to see BabyZelda giving the spotlight to a creature equally as cute and deserving of it as she cosplays Eevee.

Eevee’s long ears are poking out from the top of her head as she takes the camera close to her chest and shows off the naughty to this Pokemon. Her boobies pop out as she does an ahegao tease and mixes it all together into a JOI for one very lucky viewer. I love the way she squeezes her boobies together while switching between naughty and cute expressions!

This version of Eevee is much different than the one usually seen in the Pokemon franchise, but that just makes this BabyZelda show even more exciting!

Babyzelda's Boobylicious JOI As Eevee

Babyzelda's Boobylicious JOI As Eevee

Babyzelda's Boobylicious JOI As Eevee

BabyZelda writes:

My name is Zelda! I’m a shy introverted indie game dev / gamer / anime nerd
/ bird enthusiast who loves to make new friends & roleplay your
fantasy! When I’m not on MFC, I spend most of my free time animating
pixel art for my dream indie game that I will release sometime in the
nearish future! I love all things nerdy ~ D&D, Star Trek, anime, science,
math, logic & so on!

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