BodyInMind: Mеllіsа SlіcеOfLife


There is nothing more wholesome than a home cooked meal, and I would give my left hand (the right one is busy!) to be welcomed home by domestic goddess, Mellisa.

In this Body In Mind photo set Suicide Girl Mellisa is wearing a cute pink kitchen apron, which thankfully is leaving very little to the imagination. Mellisa gives a glimpse of both her perfect tits and her lovely round ass as she crouches down to take the pizza out of the oven.

Not only does Mellisa look great, but the pizza also looks delicious, and I am especially pleased to see that there is no pineapple on there. Body In Mind keeps producing amazing photoshoots with Mellisa, and long may it continue.

BodyInMind: Mеllіsа SlіcеOfLife

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