Playboy: Emma Jade in Dreaming ’til Dawn


Playboy are known for their glamorous work and even sexier models. Emma Jade is a stunning brunette that is living in every Marilyn Monroe fantasy – with a little bit more pink on top. The fur, the drapes, the pillows, the necklace, all adding a little bit of a vintage feel to this entire gallery.

I really love the soft pink focus that is in each picture. It gives an ‘old Hollywood’ filter to everything, and the way in which the babe moves and shows just a little bit more of her body in each picture is exquisite. I also appreciate the attention to detail on her ink and how pretty it is!

A pretty in pink fantasy with a little edge to her, Emma Jade is irresistibly sexy in this Playboy photoshoot!

“Some words I live by? ‘Be the energy you want to receive,’” says Emma Jade. Back on Playboy Plus for the second time around, Emma spends her day indulging in the finer things. “My younger self is cheering me on,” she says of being on set with us. “It’s always been a dream of mine to shoot for Playboy. I was blessed to work with an amazing and beautiful team of women.” For Emma, working with and uplifting other women is essential to her own empowerment. “Female empowerment means focusing on the strong bond between us rather than seeing each other as competition,” she says thoughtfully. “I feel most empowered when I’m able to help others see the light they have within them and realize what they have is a gift to the world.” When it comes to dating, Emma loves something low-key. “The perfect date? Lighting a joint, driving to the beach, and looking at the stars,” she says. Get to know more about Emma Jade here on Playboy Plus!

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