EroticBeauty: Yilka in Presenting Yilka by Paramonov


Busty redheads may or may not be my weakness. Which is why I’m so excited to see Yilka in this sexy and smart EroticBeauty photoshoot.

It’s a bookworm’s dream come true – a big couch in front of lots of book shelves filled with all kinds of stories. The sexy redhead is right there, taking a peek at a book and reading some chapters while leaving just her heels on. I love the shots of her just sitting on the couch with the book in hand, it’s just a series of really breathtaking shots – especially with her piercing, blue eyes.

Book lover or not, Yilka is a curvy stunner with plenty of sexy poses to offer. EroticBeauty have done a fantastic job in this excellent shoot.

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