FTVMILFs: Eve Marlowe – Her Incredible Looks


My eyes are drawn to Eve Marlowe’s sexy booty in those daisy dukes she is wearing while she sits on a swing. It is such a pleasant view that merges sensuality with frolicsomeness so well that I want to imbibe it wholly, savoring all the emotions that it brings with it on this FTVMILFs set.

Eve Marlowe continues flaunting her beauty, giving my gaze plenty of reasons to mingle in the valley of her neckline, largely because of the way in which she gives us a glimpse of her impressive tits before she conceals them again and hops off the swing to prepare for a second, even more luscious unveiling.

A fervent look appears in Eve Marlowe’s eyes as she moves on with her tease, showing us a bit of magic where she is petting her dog with her tits hanging out, and in the blink of an eye, the dog has disappeared from the scene, along with everything she is wearing, save for her heels, and she stands in front of us, pushing her ass towards us and spreading it to make her pink cookie all the more appetizing, like it’s time for dessert.

Eve Marlowe Writes:

Hi! I’m Eve Marlowe. I was raised in Las Vegas, NV and moved to Los Angeles when I was 18 years old to pursue modeling. I fell in love with the city and have lived here for over a decade! I love rollercoasters, water parks, sky diving, ecstatic dancing, cooking healthy organic meals, arts and crafts, and my three Persian cats. I’ve always been fascinated with mysticism, which led me to dive into my spiritual journey five years ago. I became a Reiki Master, learned how to read Runes (which is the oldest form of divination), and took an eight week astrology course and attended an eight week sorcery school. I’m almost always enrolled in some eccentric school. I love expanding my knowledge on unique topics, mostly specific to mysticism.

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