DirtyDreaz: Anuskatzz – High Heel And Lingerie Fetish On The Beach


What’s better than a day on the beach? A day on the beach with Anuskatzz as she shows off her all-white look. The difference between the black tattoos and the very dark dragon eyes vs. the white bikini and giant heels is immediately what drew me into this DirtyDreaz photoshoot.

Her colorful dreadlocks make for a really fun contrast between the icy blues of the sea and the beige of the sand. The teasing is just one small part of this illustrious photoshoot – and part of the main event are those giant heels that she can’t seem to show enough off.

The alt goddess Anuskatzz shines in the faint light of the morning sun right on the beach – and I love every single frame in this DirtyDreaz photoshoot.

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