FTVMILFs: Payton Preslee – Sinking Her Shot


Payton Preslee looks exquisite with her red bra that brings lace and fishnets together to create a singular alliance that makes her tits stand out even more on this FTVMILFs set where she is inviting us to play, and while the pool table behind her does take a prominent role in the game she wants to engage in, it is not pool cues and pockets what she is interested in, but rather something even more exciting still.

In an instant, Payton Preslee’s lust and creativity transform that sturdy table into an instrument for her pleasure, and she utilizes it at first to help her prop her legs up to give us a better view of her ass in those sexy daisy dukes she is wearing, which hug her ass while magnificently accentuating its shape to whet our appetite, before she moves on to the highlight of her tease, where she sticks a dildo on the side of the table and leisurely backs her ass towards it, fucking it vigorously while making sure that we can see every bit of it stuffing her pussy like it’s Thanksgiving or, I guess, Xmas.

Payton Preslee Writes:

Hey guys my name is Payton Preslee, your favorite Polish tattooed slut! Whenever I’m not on set I like to go to the beach maybe one day I can learn to surf, I like to hike, watch Netflix and cook. My favorite dish to make is Spaghetti. I was raised in Poland. Now I’m a west coast girl and loving it. In school you can always find me in artsy classes. I’m a super creative girl. I’m definitely a warm weather lover and you won’t catch me in a snow storm ever again. I hope all you pervs enjoyed my update.

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