AltPorn4U: Dangerous Demonic Deals


Succubi are probably the demon best known by the public. Even those that have barely ever taken a RPG manual in hand (let alone a demonology book), have a vague idea that a Succubus is a demon related to sex and seduction. Due to their sexual nature, Succubi are often the target of clumsy apprentice demonologists who fail to realize the sex demons are considered the direct spawn of Lilith herself.

In this video by AltPorn4U, Juan Lucho is one of such fools, summoning Alexa Nasha via a device quite similar to the Lemarchand Box he quickly loses control of the demon and is subdued into a sexual frenzy. The tattooed demoness drags the naked magician in a lewd exchange… is this the result of his lack of competence, or was this his objective all along?

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