Cosmid: Dylan’s Hallway Bodysuit Featuring Dylan Voxe


In true dream fashion, I know that I have to get to that room at the end of the hallway. I don’t know what I’ll find there, but something tells me that I need to get to it, so I walk towards it. There, I discover Dylan Voxe, a sexy blonde who’s wearing nothing but a close-fitting bodysuit that encourages me to read the shape of her body in detail.

Dylan Voxe aka Skylar Vox stands there, and everything seems to freeze around her, the air itself apparently bedazzled by her beauty, just as I am, and while I admire her, I notice that her tits have come out to say hello to me, and she has taken a more playful stance, crouching on the floor.

As this Cosmid dream continues, Dylan Voxe stands between me and the door in the back, and she keeps on moving her body suit out of the way to show me all the reasons why I should stay with her. Her tits, her pussy and ass make a compelling case, so I absorb the beauty that they offer me, sweet like honey, making me drunk with lust. I suddenly notice that her bodysuit has disappeared completely, and her tease continues. I feel drawn to it, comfortable in its warm embrace, and I suddenly forget everything else as my mind serenely surveys her beauty.

After a while, the idea of getting into that room dissipates from my mind, and I recognize that I’m exactly where I have to be, where I want to be, basking in the beauty of this lovely blonde as she hypnotizes me and feeds all my desires with her graceful teases.

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