Cosmid: Henna’s Bed Set Featuring Henna Kollwitz


The phrase ‘hook line and sink her’ is made for me in times of a hot babe on a bed with a set of colorful tattoos. That’s exactly what Cosmid have done in this sexy photoshoot featuring Henna Kollwitz, and right off the bat I’m taken by her beauty.

The very dragon-like stare to her, the white short hair that moves back as she jumps around on the bed, the green, red, and black ink on her arms and legs – all working together to show off this very badass, but also very sexy look. Not to mention, her body is banging in every frame!

Cosmid always know how to create an alt-perfect gallery and this one featuring Henna Kollwitz has truly showcased an excellent combination of art, fun, and sexy!

Cosmid: Henna's Bed Set Featuring Henna Kollwitz

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